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The New Jersey History Digital Archive has been built by a community of students taking William Paterson University's  Digital History course, taught by Cathy Moran Hajo. Each student contributor has determined the copyright status for each item and in cases where copyright permission needed to be obtained, has made his or her best effort to secure needed permissions.

If you are a rights holder for one or more items in this archive and have questions about or objections to the use of the items herein, please contact Cathy Moran Hajo. We hope that you will be willing to continue to allow us to display the object, but will be happy to add credits or remove the item if that is your desire.

We do not control the rights to any item in this archive. If you seek permission to use an item or want to obtain a higher resolution image, please refer to the Collection field in the item's record to identify the owner of the original. We have included links to the Collection's URLS whenever possible.