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This is a photograph taken inside General William Winds' home in the late nineteenth century. The photograph was probably taken by J. Percy Crayon, the owner of the house at the time. It includes a fireplace, several chairs, and tools.

J. Percy Crayon was a schoolteacher and amateur historian from present-day Denville, New Jersey. In the late 19th century, he compiled a record of all the major founding families of Morris County. The book includes many important families,…

These two photos feature Robert Allen, who lived in the Van Allen House from 1936-1938 with his family. They left to go to Sussex County in New Jersey because the father found a job there. His mother, Dorothy Van Allen, was related to the Van Allen…

This photo shows what the inside of a Colonial Era wall looked like. The wall was made with clay, straw and rough Blaster backed together with horse hair or pig bristle. It was then finished with plaster that was made from local lime stone with…

This is an image of the Colt family coat of arms. It pictures three colts running, with Peter Colt's name at the bottom and the phrase "vincit qui patitur." Translated: "he who conquers endures"
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