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This is a letter written by Brigadier General William Winds to Major General Philemon Dickinson during the final stages of preparation for the Battle of Monmouth during the American Revolution.

This is a response to General Winds' letter to Major General Philemon Dickinson of which Washington was sent a copy. Washington requests that Winds joins him near Middletown where the Battle of Monmouth would take place the following day.

This document is included in Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society, Series 1. Vol. VII. 1853-1855. The biography was read by Tuttle in front of the New Jersey Historical Society on May 19, 1853. The author painted a very complex image of…

This is a newspaper announcement of the Stamp Act of 1765 which circulated around the colonies before the Revolution.

J. Percy Crayon was a schoolteacher and amateur historian from present-day Denville, New Jersey. In the late 19th century, he compiled a record of all the major founding families of Morris County. The book includes many important families,…

This letter and general orders were written at the Van Allen House when George Washington and his army stayed there on July 14-15, 1777. These were written by George Washington.

The first one is a letter from Washington to the president of the…

This typewriter belonged to Sidney Kingsley, a dramatist. Some of the plays he wrote include "Dead End," "Detective Story," "Men in White," and others. His first Broadway play, "Men in White," won him a Pulitzer. He and his wife, actress Madge…

This is a picture of the portrait of Harry Gale McNomee with his mother, Cora L. McNomee. Harry was born in 1883, so the portrait was made when he was one year old. Mr. McNomee’s biggest contribution to the town of Oakland was in the role of fire…

Alexander Hamilton is often referred to as the "Founder of Paterson". It was he that first noticed the beauty and potential power of the Great Falls of Paterson and first conceived ideas to harness that power for industrial purposes. His likeness in…
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