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Cedar Lawn Cemetery in Paterson is the final resting place of Garret Hobart, Vice President of the United States under William McKinley. The Grecian Doric style mausoleum was created by architect Henry Bacon Jr. 1866-1924 who is responsible for…

This is the older building of today's of St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center on Main Street. The hospital is undergone a complete renovation and is still undergoing a $250 million expansion.

These are three of the four government buildings located on what is still referred to as Colt's Hill. The Post Office, now the Courthouse Annex, the original Passaic County Courthouse, and the Superior Court Building at 77 Hamilton Street. The newest…

This is the site of the Hinchliffe Brewery, located on Straight, Governor and Anne Streets. What is left of the original building is currently for sale.

This is the Hinchlife Brewery located at Straight and Governor Streets next to the Erie Railroad. The brewery was owned by the Hinchliffe family for generations.

This building was part of the Rogers Locomotive Complex. It is advertising Paterson's Silk Machinery Exchange. Over the course of Paterson's history, the mills and factories were occupied by various tenants at various times.

This picture was taken at Spruce and Market Streets, from the Middle Raceway. Most of the area was home to the Rogers Locomotive Complex. The parking lot used to house the rest of the Ivanhoe Paper Mill complex.

This is a picture taken at the Ivanhoe Wheelhouse, near the drop from the Upper Raceway. This is the last remaining structure of the ten buildings that Ivanhoe Paper consisted of.

The S.U.M. Building at the Great Falls, which housed the Society for Establishing Useful Manufacturers.

This is an image of the Great Falls from the path off of Mary Ellen Kramer Park.

This is an image of the Colt family coat of arms. It pictures three colts running, with Peter Colt's name at the bottom and the phrase "vincit qui patitur." Translated: "he who conquers endures"

Sarah Colt was Peter Colt's daughter. She opened one of the first Sunday Schools in the state of New Jersey, for the education of the children and children of those who worked in the factory.

This is a portrait of Roswell L. Colt, son of Peter Colt. He was known as "the greatest of all colts." He was the Governor of the S.U.M. from 1814-1850.

This is an image of Alexander Hamilton in front of the S.U.M. building at the Great Falls, overlooking the hydroelectric plant.

The Paterson Silk Workers strike took place in 1913. Many of those who participated in the strike were arrested, possibly as many as 1,850 people. The City of Paterson experienced many strikes between the years of 1990 until 1913. This included…

This photograph was taken at the Passaic County Falls end of Hinchliffe Stadium in 2013, facing Public School #5 (visible in background).

The stadium was given federal landmark recognition several years ago. Last week, the Paterson Board of…

Among other sports and recreational events, Hinchliffe Stadium was well known for hosting Midget Racing.

This is the former Hamilton Club location at Ellison and Church Streets in Paterson, 2013. The building is now used as the Poetry Center for Passaic County Community College and houses the college's art collection. It is also the home of the the…

The Hamilton Club was an exclusive gentlemen's club, co-founded by Vice President Garret Hobart in 1890. The building, an Italian Renaissance revival palazzo, was erected in 1897, severely damaged by the Great Fire of 1902, then completely restored…

This is the old Engine #1 firehouse located at 112 Van Houten Street, Paterson. It is currently used as the workshop for Greenbaum Interiors, a furniture store on the next corner at Washington Street.

This is the Central Fire Headquarters and Apparatus on Van Houten Street, formerly the home of Engine Number 1. This company was the first to introduce horses in the department, in 1884, then the sliding pole in 1885, and the steam heater in 1886.

This is the First Baptist Church of Paterson, located at the corner of Van Houten and Washington Streets. The original was destroyed completely by the Great Fire of 1902. This structure replaced it and still stands today.

The Rivoli Theater on Main Street in Paterson was severely damaged by a fire in 1972, that started in the store next door. According to the Paterson Fire Journal Blogspot: The Paterson Fire Department placed its first Snorkel in service in 1964. The…

The Rivoli Theatre located at 126-134 Main Street. It was built in 1923. It was converted into stores after going out of business and burned down in 1972.

The former First National Bank on Ellison Street in Paterson now houses city offices. Among these is the Paterson Historic Preservation Commission.

This is a photograph of First National Bank, Paterson, taken from Washington Street in 1925. The buildings visible from this angle still stand!
This image was also used as a postcard.

This is the intersection of Main Street and Ellison Street, Paterson, 2013. These buildings have stood since the turn of the 20th century.

These are buildings on Main Street at Ellison in Paterson, beginning at 202-204, heading north towards Smith Street.

This is the intersection of Main and Ward Streets, Center City Mall, Paterson. This is located at the top of the area known as Colt's Hill.

This is an image of the Colt Mansion taken from St. John's Cathedral in the mid 1800s. This property was located on Colt's Hill near Ward Street. It was torn down in 1891 to make room for the development of the city of Paterson.

This is the former location of the Quackenbush Department Store on Main Street, Paterson. The property is now used by several businesses, including Bank of America.

Quackenbush Department Store was one of the two major department stores in Downtown Paterson. It's owner also owned one of Paterson's silk mills. The original location was destroyed by the Great Fire of 1902. This building was erected soon after, and…

This is a view of the Colt building from Market Street, Paterson, a beaux arts style and richly ornate building.

This is a view of City Hall, Paterson, from Colt Street and Market Streets.

City Hall was gutted by the Great Fire of February 9, 1902. The city lost almost all of its archives, including vital statistics of births, deaths, etc. This view was taken from the ruins of the Paterson National Bank, circa February 1902

This is a view of East Railway Avenue in Paterson, 2013, looking towards Alabama Avenue. East Railway Avenue is the location of the Paterson Markets in the Lakeview Section. This photo was taken adjacent from the Giant Wholesale store.

This is a 1930's photograph of East Railway Avenue, Paterson. The trolley tracks are clearly visible.

This is a view of Alabama Avenue, Paterson, taken from in front of Nicholas Diner.

This is a view of Alabama Avenue, Paterson from the 1930s.

This is a photo of 111 Washington Street, formerly the Paterson Police Headquarters. The building is currently owned by Greenbaum Interiors. It has not been used since 1980 when it was destroyed by a fire. Ironically, the Paterson Police Complex is…

This is an image of the estate of Peter Colt, Revolutionary War veteran and co-founder of the City of Paterson. After his death, Peter Colt's residence was used as the first City Hall until 1902, and Police Headquarters until 1980.

This image is believed to have been taken at 21st Avenue and Railroad Avenue, Paterson in the 1930s, judging from the position of the railroad tracks, the building in the background and the model of the cars.
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