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This is a newspaper announcement of the Stamp Act of 1765 which circulated around the colonies before the Revolution.

This was a poster used to rally people for John Smith who was taken by the police on July 12th.

This was used as an ad hung outside to gain supporters on Anthony Imperiale's side. Anthony Imperiale was on the side of the police during the Newark riots.

This plaque was introduced by Cory Booker in 2007 to remember the 40th anniversary of the Newark riots. This is currently at the 4th Precinct on 17th Street.

The photo shows when Mayor Hughes called up the National Guard to stop the fighting on the street. The photo shows the conflict.

National Guard and citizen near deserted flower shop from the riots. Notice how there is graffiti on the windows of the shop

This is a conflict between a citizen and the National Guard near the Krafchick and Son Curtains and Linens. Krafchick and Son Curtains and Linens closed in 1967 after the riots.

This was a fire during the riots. It happened between Broad and Branford Street.

The image shows the boardwalk of Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1922. Advertisers started to promote and market their products on the boardwalk to increase popularity of their brand and products. The main advertiser displayed in this image is an…

The "The Moon Shines on the Moonshine" was originally recorded on April 16, 1920, as a male vocal solo with orchestra, focusing on the start of the prohibition era. Please see the full lyrics below.

[verse 1]
"The Mahogany is dusty,
All the…

The "Alcoholic Blues" was originally recorded on January 27, 1919, as a comic song with orchestra, focusing on the start of the prohibition era. Please see the full lyrics below.

"I love my country, 'deed I do
But oh, that war has made me blue

This photograph shows a possible location of Anarchists in Paterson, New Jersey on Passaic Street. There was reportedly an Italian anarchist movement that fought for union and labor rights in Paterson during the time that Paterson was known as Silk…

This photo is of strike leaders involved in the Paterson Silk Strike of 1913. In this picture are Patrick Quinlan, Carlo Tresca, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Adolph Lessig, and Bill Haywood. This strike halted work in Paterson's silk factories. Worker…

During Prohibition, though the sale of alcohol was illegal, there were provisions that allowed for alcohol to be sold medicinally. Pharmacists, doctors and citizens alike dodged the laws of the Volstead Act by selling, prescribing and consuming…

Three suffragists post a sign advertising Anna Howard Shaw's Aug. 26, 1915 appearance at the Long Branch Casino. According to news reports, an "equal suffrage" tent was to be set up on the ocean front to house suffrage organizers. (NY Tribune, Aug.…
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