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An engraving of a mastodon tooth. The flat top of the tooth shows that the mastodon was a herbivore.

Evolutionary chary of mastodons to elephants. gives the various branches of evolution tot he most commonly known Mammuts.

The Ohberg Mastodon known as "Matilda" from Highland Lakes, NJ fully assembled. First discovered in 1954 when Gus Ohberg was expanding his pond. The line operator Archibald McMurty thought he had found a log. When a similar log was brought up…

Picture of Gus Ohberg, a business man from Highland Lakes (Vernon), NJ, and the Mastodon skull found on his property while having his pond dredged for expansion. The full skeleton was exhumed from the pond and an extra bone.

Mastodon Head. Jaw being assembled in the Museum of Natural History, New York, NY
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