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ABEX Metallurgy Lab, Testing Specific Gravity.
Jean Reily, Testing Specific Gravity at the ABEX Metallurgy Lab.

Recirculating core drying oven at ABEX
Double end, automatic, recirculating core drying oven capable of operation up to 750 degrees Farenheit. (American Brake Shoe Company Experimental Foundry)

American Brake Shoe Private Wire number 9
An issue of the Entertainment magazine of "Private Wire".
Contains the image of Ernest Busch cleaning molds with air

Ernest Busch cleaning a mold
This is a company photo of Ernest Busch cleaning a sand casting mold with an air hose.

Ernest Busch and Frank Gannon molding a melting pot
The mold is broken into two sections and the pattern removed

Frank Gannon creating a mold for sand casting
Frank Gannon is taking the first step in making centrifugal casting core with Osborn jolt-rockover molding machine. The sand carefully mixed with core oils and cereal binder is packed tightly into the pattern

Frank Gannon smoothing sand
Frank Ganon is pictured smoothing the sand in order to pack the sand into the mold

Frank Gannon safety hood
Comapny photo of Frank Gannon placing melting pot molds under safety hood at American Brake shoe.

Development of Automatic welding using alloy weld rods.
RC. Development of Automatic welding using alloy weld rods. Bud Satteriee. 1948-1950.

Metallurgical experimental foundry Centrifugal mold.
Ralph Trimble, George Watson, and Ed Kaulback powering a centrifugal mold.

Pamphlet on War Product Manufacturing at ABEX
A pamphlet that shows the production of various war products during world war 2.

Pouring a Mold for Sand Casting.
Lennie Busch and Benny Dembrowski pouring sand into a melting pot mold.

Brake Shoe Lab
The Sand Laboratory at Mahwah regularly tested such characteristics as permiability, green strength, dry strength, effect of binders and moisture in the many types of sand used (Brake Shoe Foundries).

Melting Pot on Shakeout Machine
Melting pot being lifted from Vibrex shakeout machine,k which removes sand and core from the casting. Dust and fine sand is sucked down through the grating.

Howard Avery Tensile Testing with Extensometer.
The famous ABEX inventor Howard Avery. Owner of at least 10 patents related to the Brake Shoe, metallurgy, and welding. His inventions were important for ABEX and the industry. He was also an outspoken member of the local Board of Education, and a…

Howard S. Avery
A portrait of Howard Avery

Newspaper clipping from 1947 reporting the passing of Ernest Busch, Jr.
This Newspaper clipping chronicles the tragic death of Ernest Busch Jr., son of a prominently featured ABEX employee.

Maps of Brakeshoe
These are maps of the Brakeshoe factory produced by Sanborn insurance. It was drafted in 1925 but was updated until 1951. Their are also various closeups of the maps for more detail.

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