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Anna Jane Bodine and her family, in either 1911 or 1912.

A portrait of Anna Jane Bodine when she was around eighteen years old.

A ledger from Mountainside Farm giving the names of workers that were due wages

A woman in a draped skirt.

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This photo is from 1946 when we see the first bikini in a photograph; French engineer introduced it in Paris Louis Réard and fashion designer Jacques Heim. While it still may have been a bit scandalous and forward, it just goes to show how…

At this time there were still many cities and states that had laws that claimed that swimwear could not be more than 6 inches higher than the knee. In this picture you can see a city beach sensor actually using measuring tape to make sure the woman…

In this photo we see multiple bathing machines being placed in the shallow water of a beach. Bathing machines were wooden carts that were used to allow people, particular women, to swim and spend time in the water in complete privacy. People would…

Here we have an idea of what women wore in the mid-late 1800s to go swimming. We can see here that women’s swimwear at this time looked more like dresses or gowns more than something you would wear in the water. These women are dressed head-to-toe…

womens 1800s.jpg
At the end of the 1800s we begin to see more time being spent at the beach by the everyday person. This meant more time for men and women to be exposed to each other in their bathing suits outside of their bathing machines. So we see that the dresses…

This is a picture of Maria and Judson (Anna's Father and Mother).

John and Anna.jpg
This is a photo of Anna Jane Bodine and John Frank Young (her husband).

David Carlough.jpg
David James Carlough is the husband to Maria May and granfather to Anna Jane Bodine.

Young Portrait.jpg
Anna Jane Bodine Young and her Husband John Frank Young along with David Carlough and Maria May (Anna's Parents), and Mildred and Frank Young which are Anna and Franks children.

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Employees of the American Brake Shoe and Foundry who participated in the research and development of the Atomic Bomb.

1906 three women.JPG
Three women are standing together outside. They are wearing shirtwaists, skirts, jackets, and hats. There is writing on the back of the photo that reads: "Far left - unknown. Center - Grandmother Morriss. Right - Great aunt Hattie (Hagerman)…

An image of the Darlington Schoolhouse, built by Theodore Havemeyer, in a dilapidated state
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