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Here we have an idea of what women wore in the mid-late 1800s to go swimming. We can see here that women’s swimwear at this time looked more like dresses or gowns more than something you would wear in the water. These women are dressed head-to-toe…

womens 1800s.jpg
At the end of the 1800s we begin to see more time being spent at the beach by the everyday person. This meant more time for men and women to be exposed to each other in their bathing suits outside of their bathing machines. So we see that the dresses…

In this photo we see a couple who seem casual and very comfortable getting their picture taken a field by a fence. They have their arms around each other and are smiling, we can assume that they are a couple. There are trees and house in the…


In the photo we see a woman, in her mid-20s, photographed outdoors. She is wearing a sun hat and a short-sleeved dress that goes all the way down to her mid-calf, known as a “drop-waist shirt dress”. These dresses were very popular in the late…

Brake Shoe place, a street at the very edge of the West Mahwah Neighborhood

Representatives from American Brake Shoe and Union representatives agree to end a strike.

009 rotated.jpg
Jean Reily, Testing Specific Gravity at the ABEX Metallurgy Lab.

Alta Marie Young (1897-1977) 1.jpg
Previously we saw Alta Marie in a simple white dress while she was in her 20's. Now she is between 60 and 70 years old. You can see how the clothing has changed over a 40 year time span. Alta Marie Young is seen in this picture towards the end of…

An issue of the Entertainment magazine of "Private Wire".
Contains the image of Ernest Busch cleaning molds with air

John and Anna.jpg
This is a photo of Anna Jane Bodine and John Frank Young (her husband).

Anna Jane Bodine and her family, in either 1911 or 1912.

Portrait of Anna Jane Bodine Young during the 1900's. She looks to be about 40 years old. She has a very stern face and you can see her clothing looks very strict and covering almost every inch of skin.

Anna Jane Bodine Young (1867-1952) 2.jpg
Anna Jane Bodine Young and another young woman in what looks to be a dress up photography place. This photo looks as if it is one of those reenactment photos of a different time period. Both women look to be within their 20's.

A portrait of Anna Jane Bodine when she was around eighteen years old.

Anna Jane Bodine with her children, Mildred and Frank. Frank (1905-1950) is the baby in front of her and Mildred (1899-1974) is behind her.

arch 1960 -1969.jpg
This is a picture of the arch, before the school buildings were built. It is located in the college's grove and is the classical style red stone arch with brick support. It was moved to this location from the courtyard of Theodore Havemeyer, who…

arh updated.PNG
The arch is an important landmark for Ramapo College and is the symbol of the school. There are ceremonies and events that are done where the arch is the main focus. It is an important landmark for Ramapo College and is the symbol of the school.…

In this photo we see multiple bathing machines being placed in the shallow water of a beach. Bathing machines were wooden carts that were used to allow people, particular women, to swim and spend time in the water in complete privacy. People would…

This photo is of Bessie Morriss and Dolly Scofield enjoying a day at the beach. There is writing on the back of the photograph that says "Grandmother Morris and friend. (Dolly Scofield) NY." The photo is black and white.

The swimwear is black and…
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