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Anna Jane Bodine with her children, Mildred and Frank. Frank (1905-1950) is the baby in front of her and Mildred (1899-1974) is behind her.

Oct 18 1904.jpg
This is a black and white picture of the Snider-Young Family, with John Snider, his wife Daisy May Young, and their baby, most likely Irving J. Snider. It is a professionally done portrait on cabinet card by Heinrichs. There is writing on the back:…

SCAN0034 (2).JPG
This picture is of two young children around the age of four or five, who are pushing a toy carriage with dolls in it. The child in white is Daisy May Young's child, who may be Irving J. Snider. It is a candid shot, and black and white/sepia. An…

Family group standing outside house. Anna Jane Bodine Young is on the left, J. Frank Young on the right, possibly Henrietta Young on far right. There are three children in photograph.
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