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A picture of the McBride House in Mahwah, New Jersey

HistoricDarlingtonSchoolhouse-reduced (1).jpg
A photograph of Darlington Schoolhouse

0117078 NATHALIES HOUSE END 1895.jpg
A picture of the Birch Mansion covered in vines

Postcard of the Havemeyer House in Mahwah, NJ taken in 1909.

The Havemeyer House is where the president of Ramapo College resides. It was purchased by the school in 2001. The building was built in 1849 and sold in 1878 along with the surrounding area. It went to the family of American Sugar Refining Company…

Theodore Havemeyer was a successful businessman born in 1839. He ran the Havemeyer families sugar refinery. Eventually he partnered with his brother Henry O. Havemeyer ad they built one of the most modern sugar refineries in the world, capable of…

stephen birch.jpg
Stephen Birch was a friend of H.O Havemeyer II and the president of the Kennecott Copper Co. He was a very influential businessman being named by Harvard as one of the 100 most important businessmen of the 20th century, and who's company produced 15%…

Theodore Havemeyer's brother and business partner who would lead the formation of the American Sugar Refining Co. making the Havemeyers the leaders in the national sugar refining industry.

Detailed drawing of the plans for what would become Mountainside Farm, presumably drawn by architect Dudley Newton

An image of the Mountainside Farm property depicting the barn, pens, and several cows. The image appears to be taken from what is now Ramapo Valley Road.

A photograph of John and Nathalie Mayer. John Mayer was hired by Theodore Havemeyer to manage the Mountainside Farm and its forty workers, while he and his brother Henry were preoccupied with expanding the sugar refinery. He married Theodore's oldest…
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