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Anna Jane Bodine and her family, in either 1911 or 1912.

A portrait of Anna Jane Bodine when she was around eighteen years old.

Anna Jane Bodine with her children, Mildred and Frank. Frank (1905-1950) is the baby in front of her and Mildred (1899-1974) is behind her.

Anna Jane Bodine Young (1867-1952) 2.jpg
Anna Jane Bodine Young and another young woman in what looks to be a dress up photography place. This photo looks as if it is one of those reenactment photos of a different time period. Both women look to be within their 20's.

Portrait of Anna Jane Bodine Young during the 1900's. She looks to be about 40 years old. She has a very stern face and you can see her clothing looks very strict and covering almost every inch of skin.

Oct 18 1904.jpg
This is a black and white picture of the Snider-Young Family, with John Snider, his wife Daisy May Young, and their baby, most likely Irving J. Snider. It is a professionally done portrait on cabinet card by Heinrichs. There is writing on the back:…

SCAN0034 (2).JPG
This picture is of two young children around the age of four or five, who are pushing a toy carriage with dolls in it. The child in white is Daisy May Young's child, who may be Irving J. Snider. It is a candid shot, and black and white/sepia. An…

A letter from Henrietta Morriss to J Frank Young
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