Conclusion of Evidence

Final Thoughts

With the usage of the maps and time line to see how the dates of these road construction projects and the start of Americas automotive age with the production of the model T Ford.  The dates can be checked with census totals of population with the town of Mahwah. There was a great population increase after World War 2.  This was a time when returning soldiers would seek nice suburban areas to live and the population Increase in the 1950’s shows this.  And the road construction of interstate and county roads aloud accesses to towns from any other place in the country. If that is coupled with the George Washington Bridge for people to come in and out of the city for work which many people still do to this day.  I feel that infrastructure played a major part in the development of Mahwah to go from a quite farm town to a large suburb.  Not only in Mahwah but in many other states across the country.  In the addition to the GI bill allowing soldiers to get loans for houses this created the face of the Mahwah we see today.

Infrestructure of Mahwah