Model T Ford


Vehicle have bin around for years prior to the Hennery fords invention of an affordable car.  through the usage of an assembly line and mass production of parts for the model t it was made available to the public at a price of around 400$ way cheaper then any of the other custom built vehicles of the time. The vehicle was designed with and inline 4 cylinder 4 cycle engine.  It came off the line with a 20 horse power engine.  Coupled with its 2 forward speed and reverse it could top out at around 40 miles per hour. The all around front and rear suspension aloud for a more comfortable ride.  It could get around 15 miles per gallon allowing for a long range with this vehicle. this aloud people to move in areas away from there place of work for example out of New York city and into suburban areas surrounding the city.  The Model T was also adapted into different models allowing for its use on farms as a work truck and to help work the land.

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