Department of secuirty and Interstate Highways


Dwight D Eisenhower famed 5-star general and Us president had an idea he got while in campaign in Germany.  Seeing the event of the German Auto ban and how well labeled and connected the road ways where he thought the united states should have the same.  in the event of an Attack on the United States all the major road systems have to be labeled as Interstates or inter county road and be given and designated number and posted with signs.  in order to make NJ2 more congruent with this system the government changed it to route 17 to match with new works route 17.  This project was a massive undertaking and many of the roads built in the 1950s are the arteries that dissect America and cut all across the nation.  President Eisenhower’s actions in creating this massive road system revolutionized America and birthed a car culture.

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Infrestructure of Mahwah