NJ Road Ways


In the 1930s due to the new deal set in place by FDR the new jersey highway department received massive amounts of funding in order to spur the economy and help increase bridges and roads in new jersey. the route 202 was always in existence even long before the 13 colonies it was a trail that followed next to the ramp river it was most likely a game trail used for hunting and fishing by the local Ramapo native Americans.   it was during this time period it was changed from a dirt path to a paved road that followed a path similar to that the native Americans used.  this was also the time that NJ2 (route 17) had several sections added and the amount of lanes was expanded.  with the implement of the George Washington bridge route 17 was able to continue all the way up to the New York state border.

photo Credit:http://www.state.nj.us/transportation/

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