Public works Projects During the Great Depression


During the great depression the United states federal government set forth many building projects in order to help spur the economy.  in the great depression the unemployment was so high that the government provided jobs and also helping to improve roads and bridges in the united states.  many of the current roads in new jersey are mapped out and first built during this time.  no different is NJ2 which later became route 17.  These Public works projects still can be seen today many of the bridges built in Bergen county still have a stamp of the year they where built and it is easy to say many of these where built during this time.  It was at this time that the New Jersey Department of transportation was formed.  It was the first state to have this institution.  The DOT would plan roads and set forth what was needed to build them.  All through out the great depression all the way up to World War 2 roads ways and bridges where being built in New Jersey.

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