Route 202


Ramapo Valley Road Also Known as NJ 202 has a rich history.  It is knowing by many names such as continental soldier’s memorial highway or one of Americas oldest roads.  The original path of 202 in Oakland and Mahwah loosely follows the original route that was used by the the native Americans long before America was even colonized.  It was a path of travel along the Ramapo river important to help sustain life for hunting and fishing.  As colonist moved into the area they also began to use this foot path along the river. During the American Revolution American soldiers saw the potential for the tactical importance of this route.  It was used to transport supplies and move armies from area to area.  It was used to move troops at the battle of York Town.  The hopper house is on Ramapo Valley Road and gorge Washington Used it as his headquarters many times.  It was then a wagon trail for over a hundred years after that until it was paved in late 1920’s like most roads in the united states.  Since then the road has bin expanded to cross many towns and is over 80 miles long.

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Infrestructure of Mahwah