Movies in 1919

Movies and Theater in 1919

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The Most Popular Movies made in 1919

Miracle Man: Silent drama film based on a play by George M. Cohan

Male and Female: About a family that is stranded on an island

Daddy Long Legs: Orphan that has college tuition payed by unknown man who loves her

Madame Du Bary: Silent film on Du Bary’s life

The Roaring Road: Silent Romantic film, a man chases a woman he is passionate about

When The Clouds Roll By: A New York City boy who does whatever he wants

Broken Blossoms: Immigrant tries to spread Buddhism to London, realizes how most Europeans are against it

Other movies in 1919



Different from the Others: Two male musicians fall in love

True Heart Susie: Girl falls in love with boy who becomes genius

J’accuse!: War movie, one man falls in love with other man’s wife