About the Site

This website was created in the Spring 2019 semester by the class of Discovering Digital History at Ramapo College of New Jersey under the direction and help of Professor Cathy Moran Hajo. The purpose of this class was to get a hands on approach to a diversified collection of digital history sites and projects, using gained knowledge to utilize a variety of tools to create digital exhibits, chronologies, online maps, and more.

As a class, we worked hard on building a website exploring all of the history behind 1919, including events like The Red Summer, The Boston Police Strike, the Green Bay Packers founding, and much more. 1919 wasn’t a year for just one thing, we covered a large variety of categories including crime, race, sports, music, education, and much more, all of which can be found categorized on the home page.

This website allowed us to gain new knowledge and skills based around web design and web administration, something that many of us had never dealt first hand with before. Through Professor Hajo’s expertise, we covered a wide variety of topics throughout this course outside of this website specifically. The diversification of our education in this class allowed us each to find something we really enjoyed or were good at, instead of focusing on one main thing.

In previous years, the Discovering Digital History course focused on Jane Addams and Theodore Roosevelt (2018), and our college’s home town of Mahwah, NJ (2016-2017)