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Susan Mayer Stein Collection

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View of Mountainside Farm in the Valley
Professionally taken photograph of Mountainside Farm that depicts the entire span of the property itself, including the Havemeyer house

Plans for Mountainside Farm
Detailed drawing of the plans for what would become Mountainside Farm, presumably drawn by architect Dudley Newton

Birch Mansion
The Birch Mansion was built before the school. It was built between 1887-1890 by Theodore A. Havemeyer for his daughter, Lillie, and her husband John Mayer, as a wedding gift. The property was sold to Stephen Birch in 1917 until it was sold to theā€¦

Mountainside Dairy Room
An image of a room in Mountainside Farm filled with milk containers

Ice House
A picture taken of the ice house at Mountainside Farm, which includes the lake used for ice collection

Sheep at Mountainside
Some of the sheep which were raised at Mountainside Farm

Cow Barn
Cow Barn at Mountainside

Cows at Mountainside
A few of the Mountainside Farm cows

Cows in Stalls
A few of the cows housed in the "luxurious" stalls at Mountainside

Picture of Mountainside from the Fence
A professionally taken image which shows a great deal of the Mountainside property

Mountainside Farm Buildings from Above
An image of many of the Mountainside Farm buildings taken from above

Mountainside Orchards
A picture taken of the Mountainside orchards which also shows much of the property

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