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Brake Shoe place, a street at the very edge of the West Mahwah Neighborhood

Exterior shot of the Brake Shoe Laboratory building, present day.

Exterior view of the American Brake Shoe Metallurgical Laboratory, mid 1930s.

An African-American worker loading finished pieces onto a pallet-lift.

print shop.PNG
A picture of the Carriage House at Ramapo College

A picture of the McBride House in Mahwah, New Jersey

HistoricDarlingtonSchoolhouse-reduced (1).jpg
A photograph of Darlington Schoolhouse

0117078 NATHALIES HOUSE END 1895.jpg
A picture of the Birch Mansion covered in vines

010 havemeyer house fireplace and dining room.jpg
A picture of the living room of the Havemeyer House in Mahwah, New Jersey

Representatives from American Brake Shoe and Union representatives agree to end a strike.

A weekly paycheck given to a laborer at American Brake Shoe in 1941
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