Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt (October 27, 1858 -January 6, 1919) was born in New York City. His father is reputed for being harsh and known for teaching his son discipline and sole responsibility at a young age. The young Theodore remarked that his father was his greatest influence on him. His family served in the civil war fighting for the union while his mother was of southern background from the state of Georgia. Roosevelt was the 28th president of the United States and he set up new images of how the United States was to project itself. He got himself involved in Latin America where he started off as a soldier.

He was energetic and adventurous and was quoted as saying that his strength is like a bull moose and no one can stop him. He was given many masculine physical attribute during his youth  and set a new precedent for the image of an American president whom no ex-president had ever thought of doing the unusual.  In American culture there was no interest in being athletic. He did indeed play sports and serve in the marines. The real danger was in his expedition to the Amazon river in the unknown and uncharted River of Doubt which would be called the Roosevelt River. It was typical of imperialism for the notion of being the “first white man” to discover new places.

His love for nature is indicated during his early presidency in which it was when he was widely popular. He leaned more to conservatory in which the presidency saw the establishments of national parks for conservations. He exercised regularly  in tennis, jogging, swimming, polo, and riding on horses. His love for animals extended to the fact that stuffed toy bears are called ‘teddy’ which in today’s culture are called the Teddy Bear. While on a hunting raid a grizzly bear was hurt. The crew wanted to kill it mercilessly but he decided to kill it quickly so the animals wont die painfully. He considered it un-ethical to harm an innocent animal. He did not like the label of Teddy Bear but had to live with it, it become to the point that most people took for granted and don’t know why stuffed bears are called teddy. Roosevelt like the attribute for a bullmoose which was a strong animal and quick, aside from the political party he compared himself to one.

His newly formed political party the so-called Bull-Moose weakened the republican cause which brought the rival Democrat party to win the elections. He still got himself involved in political arena but mainly on the sidelines. He was still not only very popular but iconic for leading the Americans through the so-called progressive era. Hoping for a mission that would become half leisure and half work he decided to travel to South America.

His expedition to the Amazon would leave a mark on his life since his illness shortened his life. Near the end of his life he wanted to join World War I and he remarked that his sickness was because of the so called-‘Brazilian troubles.

Roosevelt does not loom large in the memory of the Latino’s.

The question that that would come around us is how did the Latino populations view him?  Did the people flock to welcome the president, or he was just a typical adventurous Gringo?

journey of colonel Roosevelt and his companions into the Brazilian wilderness