Issues With Inhaling Paint Poison

Diseases and Afflictions Suffered By Young Factory Workers in Chicago in 1895 were serious such as overexposure to paint fumes. Kelley and Alzina P. Stevens argue “binderies, paper-box and paint factories, where arsenical paper, rotting paste, and the poison of the paints are injurious.” Being exposed to the poison of paints for long periods of times have extreme long term physical and mental effects. Inhaling paint can cause blood deficiency and damage to your kidneys, brain, and liver. This is why workers now take breaks and get fresh air as well as wearing facemasks to prevent from inhaling the poison.

Curvature of Spinal Cord Due to Overworking

Due to long hours working in sweatshops is a burden on the children’s back. During this time children would be subjected to do work for endless hours, as well as in positions that are not comfortable. Children are not done growing while they were working in these shops which caused spinal issues for the children. Now this is called scoliosis which is helped and treated with x rays and MRIs to see if they need a brace or surgery. Back then these children were getting paid so little treatment was scarce.


Kelley and Alzina P. Stevens state “current regime would result in “an army of toiling children, undersized, rachitic [afflicted by rickets], deformed, predisposed to consumption, if not already tuberculous.” Tuberculosis mainly affects the lungs, and being within close procismities if someone sneezes or coughs the others around them become infected. Now the symptoms of this are coughing that lasts three or more weeks, coughing up blood chest pain, weight loss, fever,night sweats, and chills.