On this page, I will provide links to documents, studies and publications that I have used as resources for this project. Anything that I publish on this page is not mine, but will simply point viewers of this page to the locations of these documents.

Mahwah Master Plan–This plan, created by the zoning board, lays out the specific restrictions and allowances for property owners in the township, as well as a register of historic places within the towns borders.

Vanishing Mahwah Farms: An Interview With Alvina Pelz Frey and Judy Pelz Coughlin — This story on the Mahwah Museum’s website tells the tale of a farmer and her family who lived in the Masonicus section of Mahwah. Also, the article addresses the dwindling number of farmers in the area between the period of the 1940 and 1970 census, where approximately 85% of those farming there had either stopped farming or left the area all together.

Letter backs Mahwah’s claim on Joyce Kilmer poem ‘Trees’ — — An article that appeared in the Bergen Record on May 10, 2013, which backs Mahwah residents claims that Kilmer’s famous poem, “Trees,” was written at the Kilmer residence on Airmount Road in the Cragmere section of Mahwah. Other towns had long since claimed that the poem was written about a tree in their locale, though a letter from Kilmer’s wife stated it was written at their Mahwah home that overlooked the Ramapo Valley.

Mahwah Man Worked 50 Years for Abex — Includes a brief history of the Abex Corporation (Formerly American Brake Shoe Company.)

1850-1920 Census Data

1910-1930 Census Data

1930-1990 Census Data

2000 Census Data

2010 Census Data

Print Resources:

Bischoff, Henry, and Mitchell Kahn. From Pioneer Settlement to Suburb: a History of Mahwah, New Jersey, 1700-1976. South Brunswick: A. S. Barnes, 1979. — This comprehensive history of Mahwah looks at all of the aspects of the township’s growth from a rural settlement through its transition to a contemporary suburb with industrial infrastructure. Written by two former faculty members at Ramapo College, they look at every facet of life in Mahwah that has led it to the town it is today.

Greene, Carol Wehran. The Ramapough Chronicles: a 300-Year History of Mahwah, New Jersey and Its Surrounds: the Story of an Early American Meetinghouse and the Hamlet That Grew Around It. Mahwah, NJ, 2009.

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