With the exception of the two census year records that land was lost to a neighborhood incorporating into another town, Mahwah has had steady population growth from 1910 until present day.


The first year we se a stagnation in population numbers is during the 1890 census, and then again during the 1910 census. The part which is confusing is that there should be a drop during the 1900 census, and not the 1890 census, being that two municipalities (Allendale and Upper Saddle River) split from Hohokus Township during the boroughitis outbreak of 1894. The population drop for the 1910 census correlates with the separation of Ramsey as its own municipality in 1908 (Greene, 228.) Since then, though, constant growth has continued, thanks in part to a number of corporations (i.e. American Brake Shoe Company and the Ford Motor Company to name a few) providing an influx of workers looking for housing near their jobs. Another significant spike in population for the township happened during the 1960 and 1970 censuses due to increased development and suburbanization in the area. In the 1960’s, a number of new apartment complexes were completed in many different neighborhoods of Mahwah (Bischoff & Kahn, 379-380.)

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