What Does Digital History Mean To Me?

Digit history is an approach to examining and representing the past that works with the new communication technologies of the computer, the internet network, and software systems.  To me digital history is the future of the history profession and if it is ignored, it is a waste of resources that can help the profession move into the future.  Many times I have made jokes about how the books that I have to buy for school are cheap because they have been around for so many years because of my major.  The idea of taking these sources or pictures of primary sources can help out the profession in a major way.  The fact that we can take a picture now where you can look completely around an object changes everything.  Before this entire people who needed to study something usually had to go and find the object and study, which can be very difficult if someone cannot afford it or simply does not have the time, like a college student or a part time worker.  Now this person can go on the internet and see a digital exhibit of the piece and look at it, study it, and even read about it.  This opens up a whole new world to the history profession of being able to easily access different types of primary sources and seeing them.  One thing I believe this will help with is the preservation of primary sources and pieces of history too.  With the digitization of these things it helps keep the documents and objects in better shape because they no longer have to be handled as much.  This is a major thing that I believe digital history means to me because as someone who truly has a passion for history I believe preservation of these objects and materials is the most important job in our field.   Digital history also makes it easy for historians to pass things on to younger generations.  For objects and pieces that are hard to keep in good shape or physically cannot stay around, digital history will help to still let younger generation see them and learn about them, and this too I believe is a major part of being someone who has a true passion for history.  This is what digital history means to me.

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