Project Update #2

As I move farther into the project the problem I still continue to face is the graph or visual aid that I am going to use to demonstrate the information I collected.  The problem is I have found a few of them but they do not seem to be ones that I like or think would be visually appealing to someone visiting my website.  While I want a graph that is going to accurately show my information, but at the same time I want it to draw the attention of the viewer.  I also want to have it be somewhat interactive, whether it being able to change a little or just pop out a little when their mouse is dragged over part.

I feel like another problem that I am having is deciding the way I am going to set up my website in a way to make sure that the information is delivered in a neat interesting way.  I have been trying to decide whether I want to split the pages in between each of the censuses that I am looking over or if I should make them into posts.  I feel like putting them in pages and having the option of choosing the one you want to see would be the best option and would keep it cleaner.  I also think I would like a few posts on the page as well maybe describing the things I realized at the end of the research.

Although that I have had these few hiccups I have been moving along pretty well and going through the censuses pretty well.  I also like that most of the things that we have been learning are opening my eyes to a whole different side of history that I am beginning to like.  I have also been reading now because of the differences I am discovering in the censuses as I look through them.

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