Project Update #3

My project over the last couple days because of my other classes and my brother’s wedding, but other than that it is coming together very nicely.  Over the last couple weeks I have been trying different formats for the website and for the pages that I am using.  I am trying to figure out which formats look better for the visualizations for my project because my project is going to be mostly graphs and words.  As of right now I am happy with the format that I have and it tends to have a lot of options for colors and different ways of setting it up.  I do want to maybe look for a format that might be taken a little more seriously, I feel as though the one I have, while offering some good options, might not be taken seriously.  I have also been playing with Tableau and looking at the different types of graphs that they offer and the options for each one.  along with that i have been trying to see which ones I think will get my information across best.  Tableau is so far the best visualization tool that I have seen and offers the most options while also not paying, which is pretty important since as a college student money is not readily available.

So far thing have been going pretty smoothly on the project and there have only been a few slight hiccups.  One thing I was recently toying with to see how it works and how it will do on my website is the social media buttons that will be on my website.  I think although this is a small thing on my website it could bring up the amount of people who see it a significant amount, which is what my goal ultimately is after the project.  I would mostly likely being reaching out on social media, but mainly facebook and twitter, because I think those will be most effective in getting people to click on it.  Other ones like Instagram and such do not offer as many options for clicking and being interactive as I would like.  After I finish the finally touches I would like to promote my project on social media for a little while and get people to see the work that I have done.  One thing I definitely do not want do is completely forget about my project when I am done.  I would like to keep track of it and make sure that all of my pictures and plug-ins are still working correctly so people can continue to look at it.

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