Project Update #4

Well the time has finally come, the project is finally coming to an end and things went pretty quickly.  I have now submitted the final project to my professor and I am waiting for the feedback to fix the website to make it better.  I have finally decided on a format that I believe fits best with the posts and pages that I am trying to use and show.  Along with the format I have also decided on and found graphs that I think best represents my information.  I chose the graphs that I did because it gives the people the best look at the different countries along with a line graph that shows the differences in the top ten countries that are represented.  It was not easy to decide and then to design the graphs that I wanted, but I am glad that I took the time and I waited before jumping into the graphs I chose.  The format I chose is specifically for blogs, but I think the colors and layout work perfectly for the way I am presenting my information and picture.

The information that I used has finally showed me the answers and the research has come to a close.  While researching I was able to see the immigration trends in Mahwah, New Jersey and they I continued my research into the immigration of the United states to see the similarities and differences.  For the most part I noticed that Mahwah followed very similar trends to the United States, but just on a smaller scale than the United States.  The only differences were the Asian population because that was represented on the West Coast more than the East Coast.  It was very interesting doing this research and see that this small town in Northern New Jersey took on the same trends as the United States.  It was also interesting to think why it was like this and why certain countries had more people coming to the Mahwah and one can only assume the reasons were the same for those who came to the United States.

It is bittersweet to see this project come to an end, but this project really opened my eyes.  Before this project I never really thought about digital history, but as I continued to do what we were doing in class and listen to what we talked about I really started to find out that I liked it.  Although it is sweet because I am finally able to see all my work and research come together.

Mamba out!

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