The Roosevelt Family and the Great War

Theodore Roosevelt helped the United States win a war in the late 1890s and wanted to help the United States win an even bigger war with much more at stake this time.  Each of his sons, and his daughter Ethel, served in this war, but he did not. Although he was not permitted to do so, Roosevelt was eager to raise a group to go fight in the war alongside Britain and France.  Roosevelt believed it was his family’s duty to serve in the Great War.

When it came time, the children of Theodore Roosevelt joined the war effort.  His four sons served courageously in the First World War, all of whom, except for Quentin, went on to serve in the Second World War.  In the eyes of most other soldiers, the Roosevelt children were compared to their father when it came to being a soldier. His son Quentin was killed in battle on July 14, 1918.  He was a pilot in the 95th Aero Squadron. Roosevelt’s daughter, Ethel Derby, served as a nurse but went home to help her family. Each of the Roosevelt children were looked up to by their peers.