Why was the Progressive Era Important?


The Progressive era movement was to eliminate corruption in the government and to give the power back to the people. During reconstruction, the wealth and power in the United States was controlled by a small group of individuals. This movement main target was political machines and their bosses which can be seen throughout politics in the 1800s. United States citizens wanted this to be changed. Women and African Americans wanted their voice to be heard. The poor wanted fair wages which they could feed a family with. The progressive era changed the United States into a country that cares about the social and economic problems that their citizens have. Some of the rights we have today came from laws passed during the progressive era. One of the major problems was working conditions. Some adults would be working fifteen hour days for little money in a dirty factory. Kids would be forced to work dangerous jobs for little or no money. The government came in to regulate these companies and forced this companies to respect their workers. The progressive era was a time of change and a focus on making a brighter and safer future for the United States.