The poster shows an angry giant gorilla with a German military helmet carrying a woman whose dress has been torn off at the top.  The animal is shown stepping on the word America. The helmet says “MILITARISM” across it and his club says “KULTUR”. The poster is encouraging American men to enlist by showing the angry beast with a destroyed city in the background.  The poster wants to get the message out that the German war beast needs to be stopped before it comes to the United States.

This poster depicts Uncle Sam with his hands on his hips with a condescending look on his face.  As in any other poster that uses Uncle Sam, he wants “YOU” to do something for the United States.  On this poster, he “expects you” to enlist in the United States Army. He is standing there looking at the viewer with high expectations that they will enlist in the fight against Germany.

This poster is advocating women to help the war effort on the home front.  The more women involved in the war effort, the better off the United States will be.  The picture shows an army of uniformed women holding hammers and wrenches.  This poster stresses the importance of women being taking over for the men while they are away at war.