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Quiz on 1919 Part I

What year did John Browning first design the M1919 Browning Machine gun.

Question Default Title The League of Nations was an idea started by who?

The Elaine Race Riot started at a church located in:

The Charleston Race Riot happened in the month of

The original home of the Packers was?

In what month did the Boston Police Strike happen?

What act did the coal strike of 1919 go against?

Which one of these nicknames was not given to the Thompson sub-machine gun?

How much of the worlds population died from the Spanish Influenza virus?

Were most of the deaths in the Keys occur on land or sea.

How much money did Babe Ruth to be traded?

The Volstead Act was enacted to carry out which amendment?

Which election did Debs receive the highest percentage of votes?

Which country was NOT part of the

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Quiz on 1919 Part 2

What was the first intended purpose of the M1919 Browning Machine gun?

Which of the following nations did not join the League of Nations?

How many do Historians believed died because of the Elaine Race Riot?

True or False: People died during the Charleston Race Riots

The Packers original name was the Green Bay

Boston Police Officers went on strike because?

Who were miners in the sub-district of Belleville Illinois protesting for release?

What other industries affected by the coal strike stated in the post do not belong?

When did the first Thompson Sub-Machine gun roll off the assembly lines?

How is the firing mechanism within the gun held together?

How many people died of the Spanish Influenza within the United States?

How did the Spanish Influenza get its name?

The Omaha Race Riot was a part of...

How many casualties were there in the Florida Keys Hurricane?

Where did Babe Ruth play before moving to the outfield?

Under the Volstead Act, any beverage over______% was considered an

Debs' first political office was city clerk of Terra Haute, which he became elected as a _______________

Which of these were one of the five major treaties signed at the Paris Peace Conference?

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