Other Resources

Below is a list of sources that will teach you more about the year 1919.


Butters, Kerry. In the Year 1919. South Carolina: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016.

This is a reference book for the year 1919. It includes what was in the news, famous births and deaths, etc.


Osbourne, Richard E. The First Year of World War II, 1919. Indiana: Riebel-Roque Publishing Co., 2008.

In this book, Osbourne puts forth the idea that the events in 1919 had such a significant impact that they saw the beginning of World War II. It takes a look at key events in America and Europe: prohibition, Congress’ decision to remain an isolationist country, the Versailles Treaty, the rise of Hitler and Mussolini, and more.


Sandler, Martin W. 1919 The Year That Changed America. New York: Bloomsbury, 2019.

Sandler discusses key events from 1919 and how they are related to issues in American society today.




“Review of the Year, 1919.” Scientific American 122, no. 1 (1920): 4-5. http://www.jstor.org/stable/24991314.


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